SlideRoom Applicant Guide

The first step to starting the application process is to create a SlideRoom account. This is done by going to the SlideRoom portal for the organization that you are applying to and clicking on the Sign Up link at the top of the screen (see below).

The Sign Up panel requires that you input your email address and password. After entering this information, read and agree to the SlideRoom Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and click the Sign Up button.

Once you have signed up, an email with an activation link will be sent to your email address from Once you click that activation link, you will be able to log in to the SlideRoom portal for the organization that you are interested in with your email address and the password.

In order to log in to SlideRoom with your account, go to the SlideRoom portal for the organization that you are applying to, input your email address and password and click on the Log In button. If you are unable to log in with your account and need to reset your password, click the Forgot password? link below the password field, then input your email address and click Submit.

Our system will send you an email with a link in it to set a new password. Once you have set your new password, you can return to the log in screen to access SlideRoom.

When you first log in, you will find a list of all the currently available programs. If there are a large number of programs, this list can be filtered by category to help find the program that you are interested in. Once you locate the program that you want, click on the on that listing.

On the next page you will be shown all of the requirements for the program that you selected. This helps you to determine that it is the correct program. To begin your application, click on the Begin Application button.

Before you start your application, you will need to fill out your profile so that we have your information on file (see below). You only need to fill it out the one time and then it will be used for all of your applications through SlideRoom.

If you need to change any information in your profile later, you can manage your account information by clicking on your name in the menu bar at the top of the page.

All of the forms for an application will be consolidated together in one step and can be navigated by the list in the left side bar. There is a save button at the bottom of the form to save your changes. As you work on your form, SlideRoom will also automatically save your work for you to avoid losing any information.

All form elements that have an asterisk are required in order to submit the application. Once you have started working on the form and move away, the system will highlight the elements of the form that need to be completed.

You can leave the form with the incomplete information, but you will be unable to submit until your return and complete all required materials.

Clicking Continue will move you through the various forms if there is more than one and then will move you out of the forms step to the next step of the application process.

If references are required the Add Reference button will be available. This will bring up the window displayed below.

The reference reuse feature has been deprecated and is no longer available.

You can add new references by inputting their information and clicking Send Request. This will email your reference provider immediately and request that they add a letter for you within the online reference portal. Once they do, it will be attached to your application.

If you uncheck the 'waive my right' box (this box will be available at the discretion of the organization to which you are applying) you will be able to view the letter of recommendation once your recommender has submitted it. However your recommender will also be given the opportunity to decline the request. If left checked the recommender will not be presented with a decline option.

The reference grid will show you the status of your references and allow you to resend the request if you need to.

In order to edit your reference, click on the Edit link next to the reference that you wish to edit. You will then be able to edit any information that you input for the reference initially. If you change the email address, a new reference request will be emailed to your reference.

To begin this process, click on the + Add Media button. This will bring up a window allowing you to upload media, link/embed media and import media into your current portfolio. To add files that are on your hard drive, click on the Select files from your computer button and use the file browser to find and upload your files.

To import files from Dropbox, move to the Upload from Dropbox section and click on the Select files from Dropbox button. This will ask you to log in to your Dropbox account and then allow you to choose files from that account to add to your portfolio.

To link to videos from YouTube or Vimeo, sound files from Soundcloud, and 3D Models from Sketchfab move to the Link to Media section and insert your URL, it is as easy as that.

If you have previously submitted media with SlideRoom, you can import that media into your new application. Move to the Copy from Library section and select the previous submission from which you wish to import. Once you see the files, click to select those to import and complete the process by clicking on the Add to portfolio button.

After adding media, you will need to label these items. On the Label Media panel you can add the Title and Description for your work as well as the other fields that may be requested. If the field is required, there will be an asterisk next to the field. All required labels for all media files must be input before you will be able to submit your application.

To rearrange your media files, simply drag and drop them into the appropriate order.

To delete a file from your portfolio, click on it once to show the edit and delete buttons and then click on the delete button on the right side of the thumbnail.

You can only submit your application after all required elements have been completed. If you have incomplete steps, the Submit step will point them out. Clicking the links will take you directly to the part of the application that needs to be completed.

Once all required elements are completed, click on the Submit button to complete your application. If there is an application fee to be paid, you will be presented with a payment screen. Here you can enter your credit or debit card information and click on the Next Step button to proceed. The system accepts all major credit cards and all major U.S. debit cards.

Once you have entered valid payment information, you will be presented with the verification of that information. To complete your submission and send it to the organization, click on the Complete Submission step.

Once you have successfully completed your application, you will be presented with a confirmation screen and a confirmation email will be sent to you. Your confirmation number can be used to track down your application if the organization has any trouble finding it. If you wish to print a receipt or a copy of your entire submission, use the links on the confirmation page.

Upon submission, the organization has immediate access to your application. Since the review process may begin right away, you cannot edit a completed submission. You can return to the application to view it, print it and check the status of your references.